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We provide Cantonese/ Mandarin language specialist tutors for: 

Lessons | Assignments | Coursework | Essays | Dissertations | Theses  

Our tutors for Cantonese/ Mandarin language and literature provide tailored lessons for students at all levels – GCSE, A levels, Undergraduate, Masters, PhD and for beginners/adult learners in professional language courses.

  • Our Language tutors are Britain’s top 5% academics – PhDs, Lecturers, researchers and professionals with extensive teaching and lecturing experience in the language they teach from leading UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, KCL, LSE, LBS, Oxbridge and many more.
  • Language tutors for schools are assessors, examiners and language specialists with extensive experience of teaching students in leading schools and Colleges.

We provide bespoke Cantonese/Mandarin language tuition for all levels mentioned below

Cantonese/Mandarin language for beginners | Cantonese/Mandarin language for advance level | GCSE Cantonese/Mandarin language | IGCSE Cantonese/Mandarin language | A-level Cantonese/Mandarin language | Pre-University Cantonese/Mandarin language | Foundation level Cantonese/Mandarin language | Undergraduate level Cantonese/Mandarin language | Masters level Cantonese/Mandarin language | PhD level Cantonese/Mandarin language | Business/Casual learner Cantonese/Mandarin language

Our tutoring approach

Our Cantonese or Mandarin tutors develop a student-centred programme of tuition for each student. This programme will define and cover the tuition goals and objectives through an Individualised-Lesson Plan with special emphasis on:

  1. Development of accelerated vocabulary.
  2. Advanced grammar and sentences construction.
  3. More real-life conversations and scenarios.
  4. Mastering of advanced speech recognition tactics for students to develop more accurate pronunciation of the dialect.
  5. Interactive sessions to engage students in life-like conversations that let them produce spoken or written sentences from words and phrases they’ve learned.
  6. Special professional language training approach for professionals with business requirements.

We provide bespoke Cantonese or Mandarin language tuition for all levels mentioned below:

  • GCSE Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • IGCSE Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • A-level Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • Pre-University Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • Foundation level Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • Undergraduate level Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • Master’s level Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • PhD level Cantonese or Mandarin language
  • Business  or Casual learner of Cantonese or Mandarin language

PhD Tutors offers tuition for all subjects and languages. Please visit our subject pages or send us your requirements to enable us provide you the best match PhD tutor. Please contact us if you require private tutorials for a subject not yet listed.

Our Cantonese or Mandarin language teachers can provide lessons and tutor you at your office or home at a time to suit you. Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. In certain circumstances, if your home or office is not suitable, you can take your classes at the tutor’s place. Your Cantonese or Mandarin tutor will organise an initial assessment session to determine your level and design the course as required. 

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