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PhD Tutors offers Face-to-Face and Online assignment appraisal and assistance service for students of all levels and subjects. Our tutors provide research guidance and write-up assistance for assignments, coursework, essays, dissertations, presentations, and theses. We have specialist tutors for undergraduate, Masters and PhD level Proposal writing assistance.

Our service can enable students to complete their assignments and coursework with a better understanding of the subject and on-time completion of work, through excellent guidance from our highly-qualified tutors. We have tailored assistance service for Masters and PhD level students.


  • Coursework/ Assignment assistance from GCSE to Pre-University level for all subjects and levels
  • Undergraduate level assignment help for all subjects
  • Masters/ MPhil Proposal and dissertation writing guidance and assistance
  • Masters/ PhD dissertation writing guidance and assistance

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  • Clarify your doubts and build on your basics for each assignment or coursework
  • Work with you on the assignment and help you understand, analyse and solve the assignment
  • Provide critical analysis assistance through advice and guidance
  • Provide coursework and essay writing advice and appraisal to match your requirements
  • Offer feedbacks; provide rewriting and paraphrasing service for reports or theses as required
  • Edit and proof read your work to sharpen and improve the quality of the write-up
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Format the pre-written work in any of the formatting styles using Word, Latex and Bibtex as required
  • Offer proposal writing service for university applications and more
  • Provide research guidance, theses management and write-up assistance or appraisal for MPhil report and PhD theses

All work can be delivered via e-mail on or before your deadline by our tutors. We provide assignment appraisal and assistance service for all subjects and levels. Please click here to view the full list of subjects taught by us.

Disclaimer: Please note that our tutors will provide you all necessary help to improve your work and performance; and as a code of best academic practice and ethical guidelines we/our tutors abstain from writing the assignment, coursework, theses or dissertation for any student or on behalf of any student. Our services are to be used for research and reference purposes only.