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1st/2nd year Medical students, zero teaching experience and track record

Best value since 2006


89% of our students have been placed at top Unis by Doctors, MedSchool specialists and interview panellists with 3-10 yrs of experience

Pricey exaggerators

£120/hr or more

Brands as K****n, ineffective “one size fits all” tutorials

Please note the following information that sets us apart from the crowd.

  • Unlike newly mushroomed providers, our tutors are not 1st or 2nd year Medical students

    • Our BMAT tutors and UKCAT tutors are exclusively Doctors, Medical Entrance Interview panellists and Medical school admission specialists from UK’s top Medical schools such as UCL, KCL, Imperial, RVC, Edinburgh & Oxbridge, to name a few.

  • Our students have secured 750+ for UKCAT & 7+ for BMAT, and have been placed at leading Medical Schools.

  • We exclusively offer tutors from UK Medical schools across major UK cities for both face-to-face and online sessions.

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Our Tutors

Prices start at £74/hr | FREE tailored materials from the tutors | FREE consultation | 1-5hrs of FREE lessons with discount packages.


Sample tutor profile 1

Experienced BMAT and UKCAT Tutor, UCL school of Medicine.

Placed students for Medicine at major universities including Imperial College London, UCL Medical School, King’s College London, School of Medicine, University of Manchester and St. George’s Medical School.

Sample tutor profile 2

Medical School Interview Panellist & UKCAT/BMAT Tutor, King’s College London.

Tutored students who achieved scores of 750+ or 7+ and have been placed at leading medical schools as Trinity Hall Cambridge, UCL , KCL and Royal Veterinary College.

Bespoke Training = Brilliant results

Detailed assessment | A tailored training program | 1-2-1 attention and rigorous practice | Mock tests | Mock interviews | Guidance with personal statements


The most trusted provider for over 10 years with 98% client satisfaction.

Students have achieved scores of 750-850+ for UKCAT and 7+ for BMAT. Our tutors have had ~90% success rates in placing students at major UK Universities including Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial, Edinburgh, King’s College London, RVC to name a few.


Jose was very resourceful and spot on with his tips and advice- the best 10 hrs spent in preparing for my BMAT. My scores have been superb -7.8, 8.0 and 2.5A.

Jennifer, BMAT 2016

I was quite late in starting my preparation. However, the focussed guidance and close shadowing from Dr. Littelwood particularly when I was approaching mock tests, helped me immensely to understand the questioning patterns. I have always wanted to be in King’s College London and am glad to be here.

Amanda, UKCAT 2017

My College did try to provide some guidance with the tests, but was clearly inadequate. I tried a major test preparation course but did not even get close to my target on my first attempt. I tried again with the tailored 1-2-1 guidance of my Tutor from UCL. That made all the difference- get the right guidance and don’t give up!

Keith, BMAT and UKCAT 2017

Support packages

We offer 10 hrs, 20 hrs and 40 hrs packages with discounts, depending on your requirements.

Hours included in all packages can be used to help prepare for the tests, practice for the interviews or get guidance on writing a stellar personal statement.

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