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PhD Tutors offers students with specially designed one-to-one revision technique and exam skills classes. The sessions are designed to increase confidence, reduce exam anxiety and improve exam performance of students from primary to university postgraduate level. Our tutors are subject experts who can provide personalised exam preparation plans, timetable scheduling, and advice on last minute revision techniques. We also have tutors who specialise in providing online support to help students with their last minute revisions as required. 

We have a rigorous 3 hours study skills and exam support package that is tailored to suit the students’ individual needs:

Our 3 hours package consists of

  • Intensive revision and timetable support – 2 hours
  • General support – 1 hour

Exam preparation support: Revision and time table support followed by general support

Our study skill and exam support tutors work with the student to prepare an exam focused time-table and will help the student adopt an achievable and productive revision strategy. Our tutors will design the package as per the need of the student and will tailor it to maximise the potentials of the student to achieve high grades.

We suggest that students who require help with revision from an earlier stage should book 3 hours package with one of our study skills tutor at least 4-6 weeks before the exams begin.

Last minute exam and re-sit help: General support

We have our special last minute ‘study skills tutor support service’ to provide last minute exam support and advice. We recommend an hour of general support rather than the revision and timetable support. Online support is also available for any last minute assistance.

We provide special study skills and exam support package for all subjects taught at A-levels and GCSE or IGCSE level.