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We provide experienced teachers, examiners and subject specialists for:

Lessons | Assignments | Coursework | Essays | Dissertations | Theses 

We have tutors for all subjects and disciplines taught at GCSE, IGCSE, IB, AS & A-levels and Pre-University courses.

  • Our Results:
    • 100% Pass rate; 85% students secure a 1st/ Distinction at Univ. level
    • 100% success for MPhil to PhD upgrade and PhD submissions;
    • 93% successful Masters and PhD proposals;
    • 100% pass rate at A levels; 91% secured A*and/or A – placed at leading UK universities;
    • 100% pass rate at IB levels; 93.3% secured 40/45;
    • 100% pass rate at GCSE level; 96.5% secured A*and/or A.
  • Our tutors are experienced teachers and subject specialists with a PGCE or PhD degree and are teaching at leading schools and/or universities in the UK.
  • Our tutors are:
    • Examiners and assessors for GCSE/IGCSE and A-levels with teaching qualifications as QTS, PTLLS and PGCE.
    • Lecturers, researchers and professionals with extensive teaching and lecturing experience from leading UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, KCL, LSE, LBS, Oxbridge and many more.
    • We have specialists with PhDs in all disciplines and subjects taught in the UK. Be it English, Science, Maths, Humanities, Languages, Business, Economics, Finance, or Accountancy we have the right tutor for you.

The tutor assigned will provide result-focused and personalised sessions for you to achieve better grades in your university exams, assignments and dissertations. Our matching service is second to none which ensures that you get the best tutor in the subject.

Levels Taught

  • Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE
  • AS & A-levels
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Pre-University and BTEC

How can our Tutors help you?

  • Clarify your doubts and build on your basics for each subject
  • Offer coursework guidance and assignment appraisal or editing service for all coursework and essays
  • Offer advise on coursework research and write-up assistance for GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-level and BTEC assingnments
  • Advice on learning techniques and tips for exam preparation
  • Design intense revision curricula for all subjects

Our tutors provide valuable support and guidance that can enable our university students perform to the best of their abilities and excel as top students in their curriculum. We teach all subjects taught at UK schools and colleges.

Please click here to view the full list of subjects taught by us. Please contact us if you require private tutorials for a subject not yet listed.

1. Inflaters

So-called  ‘private’ and ‘professional tutor’ agencies, implying they are Professors while employing graduates and post graduates, fake customer reviews or reviews written by own tutors.

2. Rogues

Illegal and unethical ‘writing services’, plagarised, inferior content for Dissertations, Theses, Essays or Asignments – 95% students fail.

3. Spongers

Tutor listing sites and scammers posing on those with fake profiles, zero quality control or unvetted qualifications or experience, fake customer reviews, often no service after payments.