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We cover all topics in Econometrics

Introduction to econometric models and techniques |advanced econometrics | Principles of Estimation | Ordinary Least Squares, Generalized Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Micro-Econometric applications | Principles of Testing (t- and F-test; Wald, Likelihood Ratio, Lagrange Multiplier Testing Principles) | Time Series: Basic Time Series Processes; Stationarity and Nonstationarity – Unit roots and Cointegration| Estimation Methodology; Endogeneity in linear regression models | Instruments | 2SLS estimator and Generalized IV estimator | Simultaneous equations | Motivation, definition and asymptotic properties of GMM estimator | Efficient GMM estimation | Over-identifying restrictions | Introduction to Panel Data Models: Fixed effect and random effect models | Arellano-Bond estimator in dynamic panel data models | Introduction to Quantile estimation |simultaneous equations | program evaluation | emphasizing regression | instrumental variables | panel data methods |measurement error | limited dependent variable model | Time-series econometrics | stationary and non-stationary stochastic processes | linear autoregressive and moving average models | linear difference equations | autoregressive distributed lag models | cointegration and equilibrium correction | vector autoregressive models | Cross Section Econometrics | Mathematical Methods in Economic Analysis | Financial Econometrics | Applied Macroeconometrics | Pre-Sessional Maths | Econometric Methods | Microeconomic | Theory | Macroeconomic Theory | Industrialisation in Developing Countries statistical inference| regression| generalized least squares | instrumental variables | simultaneous equations models | Review of probability and statistics; Probability and distribution, Expectation and moments, Review of statistical inference, Sampling distributions and inference, The Central Limit theorem (Asymptotic distribution of the sample mean), Confidence intervals, Regression basics | Conditional expectation functions, bivariate regression | Sampling distribution of regression estimates; Gauss-Markov theorem | How classical assumptions are used; asymptotic distribution of the sample slope | Residuals, fitted values, and goodness of fit | Multivariate regression | Regression, causality, and control; anatomy of multivariate regression coefficients | Omitted variables formula, short vs. long regressions | Dummy variables and interactions; testing linear restrictions using F-tests | Regression analysis of natural experiments, differences-in-differences | Inference problems – heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation | Heteroscedasticity, consequences of; weighted least squares; the linear probability model | Serial correlation in time series, consequences of; quasi-differencing; common-factor restriction; Durbin-Watson test for serial correlation | Instrumental variables, simultaneous equations models, measurement error | Using IV to solve omitted-variables problems | Measurement error (Time-permitting) | Regression-discontinuity designs (Time-permitting) | Simultaneous equation models | Simultaneous equations models I; The use of structural models, Simultaneous equations bias, the identification problem, The structure and the reduced form, Indirect least squares | Simultaneous equations models II; IV for the SEM, Two-stage least squares, Sampling variance of 2SLS estimates | parametric asymptotic theory | M and Z estimators | nonlinear least squares | nonlinear instrumental variables estimators | Model selection test | Consistent model selection criteria | Nonnested hypothesis testing | Markov chain Monte Carlo methods | Asymptotic hypothesis testing procedures derived for each estimation framework

Our tutoring approach

Our Econometrics tutors develop a student-centred programme for each student. This programme will define and cover the tuition goals and objectives through an Individualised-Lesson Plan.

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