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If you need one-to-one help with your lessons, exam preparation, assignments, coursework, dissertations, theses and research proposals, our private tutors from leading UK Universities such as LSE, Cambridge, Durham and Warwick, to name a few, can certainly help you.

To avoid conflict of interest, tutors from your University will not be contacted.

Our Economics Tutors are UK University Lecturers, Examiners & academics who teach, mark and supervise UG, PG and PhD students.

They teach all areas within economics taught in the UK and internationally (see details below).

  • Our Results:
    • 100% Pass rate; 85% students secure a 1st/ Distinction at UG and PG level
    • 100% success for MPhil to PhD upgrade and PhD submissions;
    • 93% successful Masters and PhD proposals
  • Face-to-Face and Online sessions: UK Lecturers and world class academics for UK and International clients
  • 1:1 guidance from Britain’s top 5% academics in Economics: Professors, Lecturers, PhDs, and researchers with extensive teaching and lecturing experience from leading UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, KCL, LSE, LBS, Oxbridge and many more
  • Guidance for secondary school level from Examiners and assessors; our Economics tutors for GCSE/IGCSE, IB and A-levels are also examiners and assessors with teaching qualifications as QTS, PTLLS and PGCE

We teach all disciplines of Economics

Microeconomics | Macroeconomics | Econometrics | Economic history | Philosophy of economics | Agricultural economics | Anarchist economics | Behavioral economics | Business economics | Bioeconomics | Complexity economics | Computational economics | Consumer economics | Development economics | Ecological economics | Economic geography | Economic sociology | Economic systems | Energy economics | Entrepreneurial economics | Environmental economics | Evolutionary economics | Experimental economics | Feminist economics | Financial economics | Financial econometrics | Game Theory | Green economics | Growth economics | Human development theory | Industrial organization | Information economics | Institutional economics | International economics | Islamic economics | Labor economics | Law and economics | Managerial economics | Marxian economics | Mathematical economics | Monetary economics | Neuroeconomics | Participatory Economics | Political economy | Public finance | Public economics | Real estate economics | Resource economics | Social choice theory | Socialist economics | Socioeconomics | Transport economics | Welfare economics | Gender and sexuality studies

Our tutoring approach

Our Economics tutors develop a student-centred programme for each student. This programme will define and cover the tuition goals and objectives through an Individualised-Lesson Plan.

PhD Tutors offers tuition for all subjects. Please visit our subject pages or send us your requirements to enable us provide you the best match PhD tutor. Please contact us if you require private tutorials for a subject not yet listed.

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