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  • Our Results:
    • 100% Pass rate; 85% students secure a 1st/ Distinction at UG and PG level
    • 100% success for MPhil to PhD upgrade and PhD submissions;
    • 93% successful Masters and PhD proposals
  • Face-to-Face and Online sessions: UK Lecturers and world class academics for UK and International clients
  • 1:1 guidance from Britain’s top 5% academics in English Language and Literature: Professors, Lecturers, PhDs, and researchers with extensive teaching and lecturing experience from leading UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, KCL, LSE, LBS, Oxbridge and many more
  • Guidance for secondary school level from Examiners and assessors; our tutors for GCSE/IGCSE, IB and A-levels are also examiners and assessors with teaching qualifications as QTS, PTLLS and PGCE

Our tutoring approach

Our English tutors develop a student-centred programme for each student. This programme will define and cover the tuition goals and objectives through an Individualised-Lesson Plan. All our tutors can offer special exam preparation sessions for all levels.

Our services for all levels comprise of:

  • Dissertation and write-up assistance for UG, PG and PhD
  • Course work and essay writing service for all levels
  • Proofreading and editing service with comprehensive critical analysis of the content

We have specially designed lessons for students of all levels mentioned below:

University Level English Language and Literature for UG, PG and PhD levels

GCSE and IGCSE English

A-level English

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language

If English is not your first language our tutors can teach you English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language with special emphasis on:

  • Development of accelerated vocabulary
  • Advanced grammar and sentences construction
  • More real-life conversations and scenarios
  • Mastering of advanced speech recognition tactics for students to develop more accurate pronunciation of the dialect
  • Interactive sessions to engage students in life-like conversations that let them produce spoken or written sentences from words and phrases they have learned

IELTS exam preparation course

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an exam taken by students who plan to study at university in the UK, either for a first degree or a Master’s. The exam is not a PASS or FAIL test, but rather a graded test where each student gets a score from 1 to 10.

IELTS preparation programme with PhD Tutors cover the four modules of the test:

  • Listening (30 mins)
  • Reading (60 mins, 3 parts)
  • Writing (60 mins, 2 tasks)
  • Speaking (10-15 minute overview)

PhD Tutors offers an intensive two or four week one-to-one IELTS preparation course. The minimum entry level is Intermediate. We take basic level students after they have completed the Beginners level course with us.

Business English

Our Business English tutoring service is designed for business and professionals to improve both language and Business English skills. To enable consultants and executives to communicate in the language and develop accuracy and confidence by putting them in the context, where they can immediately use the language.

Our Business clients learn to:

  • Make effective presentations
  • Master the language of negotiations
  • Communicate effectively in international meetings
  • Acquire specialist vocabulary and colloquial ‘business jargon’
  • Language skills to handle a wide range of telephone calls effectively
  • Maximise progress and minimise time out of the office

Our English teachers can provide lessons and tutor you at your office or home at a time to suit you. Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. In certain circumstances, if your home or office is not suitable, you can take your classes at the tutor’s place. Your English tutor will organise an initial assessment session to determine your level and design the course as required.