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If you need one-to-one help with your lessons, exam preparation, assignments, coursework, dissertations, theses and research proposals, our private tutors from leading UK Universities such as UCL, Imperial, Cambridge, LSE and Warwick, to name a few, can certainly help you.

To avoid conflict of interest, tutors from your University will not be contacted.

Our Statistics Tutors are UK University Lecturers, Examiners & academics who teach, mark and supervise UG, PG and PhD students.

They teach all areas within Statistics taught in the UK and internationally (see details below).

Our tutors teach over 5000 university level Statistics topics -from A posteriori probability to Z-test.

Mathematical statistics, Actuarial science, Astrostatistics, Bayesian statistics, Biostatistics, Business statistics, Engineering statistics, Econometrics, Environmental statistics, Epidemiology statistics, Geo statistics, Medical statistics, Statistics for Psychology, Statistical finance, Spatial statistics, and all programs of Statistics including STATA, ANOVA, R, regression and more (scroll down to see more topics covered)

Brilliant Results

  • 100% Pass rate; 85% students secure a 1st/ Distinction at UG and PG level
  • 100% success for MPhil to PhD upgrade and PhD submissions;
  • 93% successful Masters and PhD proposals

Face-to-Face and Online sessions

  • UK Lecturers and world class academics for UK and International clients

1:1 guidance from Britain’s top 5% academics in Statistics

  • Professors, Lecturers, PhDs, researchers and Statisticians with extensive teaching and lecturing experience from leading UK universities such as UCL, Imperial, KCL, LSE, LBS, Oxbridge and many more

The tutor assigned will provide result-focused and personalised sessions for you to achieve better grades in your university exams, assignments and dissertations. Our matching service is second to none which ensures that you get the best tutor in the subject.

Following are additional topics that are covered within Statistics (non-exhaustive list)

Mathematical Statistics, Actuarial science, Astrostatistics, Biostatistics, Business analytics, Chemometrics, Demography, Econometrics, Environmental statistics, Geo statistics, Operations research (or Operational Research), Statistical physics, Statistical thermodynamics, Statistical finance Engineering statistics, Chemometrics, Methods engineering, Probabilistic design, Process / quality control, Reliability, System identification, Bioinformatics, Clinical trials / studies, Epidemiology, Medical statistics, Social statistics, Census, Crime statistics, Demography, National accounts, Official statistics, Population, Psychometrics, Spatial statistics, Cartography, Environmental statistics, Geographic information system, Kriging, Statistical mechanics, Population ecology, Quality control, Quantitative psychology, Bayesian Statistics, STATA, R, Variance and Mean, Bayes’ Theorem, Continuous Random Variables, Poisson and Normal Distributions, Central Limit Theorem, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA Tables, Regression Analysis, F-tests, T-tests, Powers, SPSS Software, Chi-squared distribution ANOVA, Linear regression, t-tests, Nonparametric tests, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, Descriptive ratio statistics, Correlation (bivariate, partial, distances) and A posteriori probability.

How can our Tutors help you?

  • Clarify your doubts and build on your basics for each university subject
  • Offer coursework guidance and assignment appraisal or editing service for all undergraduate and postgraduate subjects
  • Offer dissertation or coursework research and write-up assistance for undergraduate, Masters and PhD projects
  • Advice on learning techniques and tips for exam preparation
  • Design intense revision curricula for all university subjects

Our tutors provide valuable support and guidance that can enable our university students perform to the best of their abilities and excel as top students in their curriculum. We teach all university level subjects taught in all UK universities and colleges.

Please click here to view the full list of subjects taught by us. Please contact us if you require private tutorials for a subject not yet listed.

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